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NYA Presidents

We Honor Our NYA Presidents
Your leadership gave us wings to soar!!!!

Mrs. Tope Walker (Nee Aiyejorun)--- 2000-2002 
Mrs. Delphine  Uwaifo (Nee Orugboh)--- 2002-2004
Mr. Henry Oluseyi George—2004-2006
Ms. Chi Chi Eto---2006-2008
Ms. Ada Ebbis---2008-2010
Ms. Chi Chi Ngoddy—2010-2012
Mr. Ugo Anikpe--2013

Youths of the Year

NYA created the Youth of the Year to honor those youths who went beyond the call of duty to contribute to the organization and the larger community. Your contributions made our organization stronger.

Miss. Gbubemi Orugboh--2001-2002-- State University of West GA. Carrollton
Miss. Rita Akiyode---2002—2003-- Albany State University, Albany Georgia
Miss. Amaka Ngoddy---2003-2004-- Xavier University, Louisiana
Miss Abidemi Olorunsola---2004-2005-- Georgia State University, Atlanta
Miss Ellen Ifeoluwa George--2005-2006—GA. Southern University, Statesboro
Miss Chioma Agu—2006-2007—Emory University, Atlanta
Mr. Chiji Ebbis---2007-2008—Georgia State University, Atlanta
Miss Ijeoma Agu---2008-2009---Duke University, North Carolina
Miss Ifeatu Anachebe---2009-2010—University of Georgia, Athens
Mr. Yaya Olorunsola---2010-2011, State University of West Georgia, Carrolton
Mr. Peter Mgbemena—2011-2012 –University of Georgia
Mr. Ugo Anikpe—2012-2013—GA. Southern University, Statesboro, Georgia
Miss Mariam Titilayo Olorunsola -2013-2014--University of Georgia. Athens

In 2001, the Nigerian Youth Alliance, with support from parents and the Advisory Board established a scholarship fund to support and recognize High School Seniors who were planning to attend college and College Seniors who were pursuing post graduate degrees. The scholarship was also to recognize members for their academic excellence and community service involvement. Every year, thanks to our community partners, thousands of dollars are awarded to deserving members. History was made in 2011 when AGU FOUNDATION became the first NYA Alumni to reach back to support the organization through offering a scholarship.

The Nigerian Youth Alliance Specially Thanks All Our Scholarship Sponsors:

  • The Consulate of Nigeria, Atlanta
  • The Nigerian Women Association of Georgia
  • The NYA Community Service Scholarship
  • Agu Foundation
  • The Bolaji Caulcrick Scholarship
  • The Peoples’ Club Scholarship
  • Otu Umunne Scholarship
  • Africa’s Children’s Fund Scholarship
  • Pyramid Discount Pharmacy
  • Rex Child Care Center
  • The Nubians
  • Progressive Ladies Club Of Georgia
  • Yorubas of Atlanta
  • Mr. Soji Tinubu
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